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Hunters Mask


Knitted on the Genie sk120 ( same as bulky 8 ) or any 8.00 mm knitting machine


Red Heart Super Saver yarn – Green Camo


Tension 8


Cast on 80 stitches work in 1x 1 rib for 42 rows.

Reset rc = 000

Knit 64 rows

Bind off center 24 stitches

Ewrap those same 24 stitches back on

Reset RC = 000

Knit 32 rows

Make eyelet row (transfer every other stitch to the needle on the right /left) keeping  needles without yarn out of work

Knit 3 rows (this help shapes the crown)

Gather off by threading tapestry needle with yarn and running through live stitches on the machine. 

Once the needle has past through the stitches you can take them off the machine, pull yarn tight sew up top of mask to close the little circle.,mattress stitch sides together..

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